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wisdom of dogs, Issue #002 -- Year of mindfulness
February 24, 2021

In search of Being

In search of my being-self, I made a list of things I did this week that are more being than doing. Here are 3 of them:

1. Watching goldfinches work the bare limbs of the maple tree, finding sustenance in something that looks dead. Such a nice splash of color against the gray winter sky!

2. Walking the dog. Sandy, like most beagles, is a high maintenance walking companion. It requires my full attention to take evasive action before she gets within striking distance of enticing tidbits. The neighborhood hawks are prone to leave leftovers from their hunts along our path. Bunny turds are also a favorite. NO matter how many times I assure Sandy that we have plenty of food at home and this is not a foraging expedition, her beagle nature is undeniable.

3. Sipping tea on the porch in the morning sunshine. I’m dressed in multiple layers against the cold, cradling my warm mug in my fingerless gloved hands. The birds are singing because they are as happy as I am that the sun is out.

I’m hoping you find your own bits of non-doing.

I wanted to share a cute picture of Sandy, non-doing. Turns out, she is a very "doing" sort of dog.

But I did find this picture of her not-doing yoga. As in "You are NOT doing yoga again. You need to pet me!"

You can read more about Sandy's yoga ability at the link below. yoga_dog.html

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