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wisdom of dogs, Issue #055-- Year of Equanimity
March 16, 2022

Sandy's Complaints

Sandy is unhappy with the schedule change. Not only with a late dinner, but she also feels short changed by our short morning walks.

Before the schedule change, in the dark of winter, she got no morning walk. She still gets her long after-work walk. But that has nothing to do with the morning walks – these are two separate issues.

Apparently all walks should be long ones.

Sandy is clear on that point.

Sandy fails at equanimity

When I say “short morning walk,” her shoulders drop, she hangs her head. As if I had just announced that there would only be one meal a day. (Honestly, I’d be afraid to try that!)

But I am alpha, so off we go. She perks up, of course, once we are outside and on our way.


This morning a survey crew truck approaches us and slows. The driver has put down the passenger window and calls out to me. “Good morning,” he says. “For her.” He nods toward Sandy. He is waving a milk bone. “I keep a 50 pound box of these in my truck.”

Yes, images of unmarked vans and strangers offering candy comes into my mind. But I have seen them working in this area, I recognize the company name on the truck. And I trust my instincts.

I accept the treat. I wish him a good morning and thank him. I admire his strategy for dealing with dogs who are uncertain if they want him working around their yard. I mean, he could have chosen pepper spray. Much better karma.html this way.

He drives away.

Sandy chows down on her treat. Best day ever!

The Lesson

If I decided against a walk to avoid Sandy’s short-walk drama, we would not have been there. If I hadn’t changed my schedule, we wouldn’t have been there.

Sometimes, even Sandy needs a lesson from the universe. It heard Sandy’s complaints about the new schedule and answered. With a special treat.

Happy Tail Wags



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