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wisdom of dogs, Issue #056-- Year of Equanimity
March 23, 2022

Sandy's Turn

I’ve taken over this week’s newsletter because I have some things to say.

This silliness with Suzanne’s schedule is really a problem

Life as it should be

She had been home for most of a year, doing her computer stuff, “work” she calls it.

Things were as they should be. My human was here to attend to my needs. She made sure I had snacks during the day – after all if she is eating, I should be eating, right? (Look it up, it’s in the beagle handbook.)

Why change what is working?

Then suddenly, she started leaving the house to “work.”

She seemed sad about that, so I figured it was like that vacation she took. I hated it. It make me a scared_dog.html but the vacation only lasted a little while.

This problem is still going on.

She is gone most days to “work,” which is bad. No one is here to let me out if it is a pretty day and I want to nap in the sunshine.

And it gets worse

She must have gotten confused because now she isn’t leaving or coming home at the right times.

She is forgetting to go to the "work" thing until later. Which is great because we can get in a walk, but then she forgets to come home on time, so dinner is late.

That is a big problem.

No more quiet evenings

Her evening habits have shifted too.

She is up too late. Then she gets cranky because she is tired.

She is walking around the house, making noise in the kitchen, sweeping the floors and other such nonsense, while I am trying to take an after dinner nap.

Then she decides to go to bed just as I am ready to go out for a night time poop. Sure, she asked me 30 minutes ago if I wanted to go out, but I didn't feel like then.

So she gets cranky.


But I am a dog and I am patient and adaptable. So I practice that equanimity thing she talks about. She’ll figure it out eventually.

Happy Tail Wags

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