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wisdom of dogs, Issue #014 -- Year of mindfulness
June 02, 2021

Accidental Mindfulness

It started with a dandelion. I had a short break from and escaped the office to get some fresh air. And there it was. The dandelion. It was perfectly shaped, in a full bloom of bright yellow, standing alone against a bright green background when it caught my eye. My brain said “that is a weed.” My soul said “that is beautiful.”

A few steps later, there was a moth resting on the ground. Its wings were a delicate filigree pattern of white on black. And again, my soul said “that is beautiful.”

I take up the challenge

It became a challenge to see what I would normally overlook. “Let’s see how much beauty I can find on this walk.”

Turns out despite my path through a parking lot next to a construction site, there was plenty of beauty to be noticed. A clump of purple iris intentionally planted along the sidewalk’s edge.

The sound of a woodpecker working high in the long leaf pine.

A wildflower, pink and self-effacing, turned away from me. So unlike the brash dandelion bursting out in the middle of the grass saying “look at me!”

My break wasn’t long, but it was long enough to soothe my weary brain. To be mindful.

My new practice

So I have added a new mindfulness practice: look for beauty. Seek out five (because I like that number) bits of beauty on my walks.

My discovery of this practice wasn’t planned, but maybe this is the universe taking pity on me for being so inept at this mindfulness thing.

I did take a photo of the wildflower to share with you.

Happy Tail Wags,

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