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wisdom of dogs, Issue #009 -- Year of mindfulness
April 21, 2021

Accidental Meditation

As the weather warms, I am drawn outside by the sunshine, by the birdsong. By the promise of warmer weather.

There is new life bursting out of flower beds and emerging from hibernation spaces.

Daylilies and daffodils push through the protective winter mulch.

Did you see that little frog in the flower? Look closer.

The leaves have begun popping out on the maple tree, shading the space where I buried Huff_in_memoriam.html

Then it happened

I sip my morning tea on the porch enjoying the warm breeze and the gentle morning sun.

I did not set out to meditate. But somehow, I am.

I am fully in this moment. I am mindful. I am doing it!

Happy Tail Wags,

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