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wisdom of dogs, Issue #039-- Year of mindfulness
November 24, 2021

We're all a little crazy now.

Whether it's the king tide, the lunar eclipse, covid fatigue, or holiday anxiety, everyone seems a little more on edge and it doesn't take much to push them over that edge.

You might find yourself overreacting even when part of your brain knows you are overreacting.

You might find yourself assuming the worst possible scenario even though you know that it is unlikely.


So as we work our way through the upcoming holidays, no matter what holidays you celebrate, keep in mind we need to be more like our dogs.

Greet everyone with enthusiasm.

Enjoy the treats: you can always go for an extra walk later.

Be kind. Be mindful that others are struggling with many of the same stressors.

Let's give each other a little more space and a little more slack

Be kind to yourself

When it’s all too much, go walk the dog. Give yourself some space – and yes, give yourself a little more slack.

Sandy is ready for the holidays.

She'll guide us through them. Or she will guide us to the treats. (I'm betting on the treats!)

Happy Tail Wags

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