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wisdom of dogs, Issue #053-- Year of Equanimity
March 02, 2022

Social Butterfly Sandy

Sandy is a social butterfly. She loves people. Everyone.

If the moment ever comes when Sandy avoids contact with a particular person, I will absolutely respect her wishes. We will avoid that person together.

Sandy's Equanimity Practice

This is Sandy’s equanimity practice.

She wags her tail at nearly everyone.

She doesn’t bother with the people who have their heads down staring at their phone. She has learned they won’t even notice her invitation. But if they happen to look up, it’s game-on.

Willing to Receive

When someone ignores her, she doesn’t let it upset her.

Some people respond with smiles but move on without interacting. That doesn’t upset her either. She gives them a bigger tail wag and moves on.

Some people are eager to pet her and she modulates her energy to meet theirs. She will roll on her back so the squealing little girls can rub her tummy. She rests her chin on the arm of a wheelchair for light pats on the head.

She accepts the attention of those who want to pet her. She doesn’t get flustered over those who don’t pay attention to her.


She greets everyone with enthusiasm. She leaves each encounter or non-encounter with equanimity.

She is happy when she gets attention, but she doesn’t lose her happiness when she is ignored. This is her ikigai.html and she does it well.

I wish I could be more like my dog.

Happy Tail Wags



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