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wisdom of dogs, Issue #001 -- Year of mindfulness
January 14, 2021

Hello Fellow Seekers

I’m really going to do it - 2021 is my year of mindfulness.

My definition

Let’s start at the beginning with what I am trying to achieve.

By mindfulness I mean that state of actually being where I am.Seeing what I see. Hearing what I hear. In the present, fully with the people and things that are here with me. Doing whatever I am doing with my whole self. Sort of like Huff opening his Christmas treats:

Simple for dogs, but pretty much the opposite of what most humans do. I am usually thinking ahead to the next thing on my to-do list. Or stewing over that remark a co-worker made two days ago. Worrying about politics and justice.Hoping for peace. But never achieving it in the moment, because I am not present there to receive it.

This is my year to make it happen. With the help of my furry friends.

Happy Tail Wags,Suzanne inspiration-and-entertainment-blog.html

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