The WOD Tagline

When the human is ready, the dog will appear.

The site’s header is an image of my beloved Huff with the WOD tagline:

When the human is ready, the dog will appear.

I have experienced the truth of this statement over and over in my own life.

I never expect a dog to be the solution to my struggle.

It doesn’t occur to me that my emotional support system might in fact walk on all fours – and shed, a lot.

But many times,

the helping hand I needed

turned out to be a paw.

ex dog human bond

Need more social interaction? 

Sandy ready to walk sm

When I was becoming overly focused on work and ignoring my human-interaction needs, along comes Sandy.

Outgoing and friendly Sandy is a social butterfly who reminds me the importance of making friends.

A Protective Shield

I wanted a reason not to travel.

I wanted a reason to distance myself from family drama. (Yes, yes I know self-preservation is a good reason.)

So Huff appeared in my life. He needed me as much as I needed him.

Rescuing him saved me.

old Huff

Most Important Human

Tala old herding dog2

I was feeling undervalued by the people around me, when my  sweet girl Tala and her sister Olie came into my life. They kept me on my toes and made me laugh.

And always, always she made me feel like the most important human in the world – or at least in hers.

And that was enough for me.

I expect I will continue to be rescued by the dogs that I rescue, not by my own plan, but by this truth of the universe:

When the human is ready, the dog will appear.

I love my found family.

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