Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual Wisdom develops in every culture. Humans are spiritual beings so we seek the divine in our world, in our fellow humans, and within ourselves.

I have always been curious about the wisdom of cultures beyond my own. I read and I research to learn more. But when it comes to practical application, my dogs have always been my best guides.

Spiritual Wisdom: Ikigai


While I sometimes struggled to find my ikigai, rarely were my dogs confused about their own.

Sandy explains. 

Spiritual Wisdom: Kintsugi 

Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken objects with precious metals that accent the breakage rather than hide it.

Dogs are masters of this art, or more accurately, its spiritual equivalent.

Sandy is particularly skilled at this art.

Spiritual Wisdom: Yoga

Yoga is a physical exercise, a mindfulness practice, a way to reconnect with the body and thereby find inner peace.

Yoga with Sandy is none of those things. 

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