Senior Rescue Dog Adoption

Five Reasons I Did It

1. He needed me.

A senior rescue dog is unlikely to be adopted.

Huff was ten years old. Trapped with a family who didn’t care about him.

He had people helping him, but Huff wasn’t getting out of his  situation without me.

An older dog means you will say good-bye sooner. That is why they are passed over for adoption.

But the moment I saw him, I knew he was mine.

2. Bladder Control

The dogs, not mine.

I wasn’t keen on potty-training.  Huff already had the ability to control his bladder.

He had never been an inside dog, so he needed a little guidance on where it was appropriate to empty that bladder. But like most herding dogs, he was a quick learner.

3. We were kindred spirits.

I get it when a senior rescue dog wants a slow start to their morning.

I understand the joints that need a bit of time to get moving. 

I understand the pleasure of a quiet evening reading and petting my dog. For Huff, a warm spot next to his human was about the best thing in life.  

4. I knew how big he would get.

I know my limitations.

I don’t want a dog that weighs 100 pounds. There is nothing wrong with a dog that big, but it doesn’t work for me.

With a senior rescue dog, you know what you are getting: the breed, the temperament, their attitude toward life. Most important to me, I knew I would be able to pick him up and carry him if necessary.

I was grateful that I could carry him up the stairs when he couldn't climb them.

I was grateful that I could cradle him in my arms when it was time for him to leave me. 

5. The satisfaction of helping a senior rescue dog.

I felt like my successes were magnified. A senior rescue dog can need so much, it is easy to do a lot of good.

I didn’t do everything right. It took time to learn each other. I took him on car rides to do errands, until I realized it made him queasy.

I took him for walks in the  park until I realized how fearful he was of other dogs.

Then I found him a different kind of park with meandering trails that people with energetic dogs avoided. I’ve never seen him happier.


Thinking about a senior rescue dog of your own? 

These folks can help you get started.

I love my found family.

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