Scared Dog

Her human's vacation is a bad experience for Sandy

I was a scared dog.

Suzanne left me. Abandoned me. She called it a vacation, but that didn’t make me feel better.


Never mind that my second favorite human was there. Or that the other dogs were there. Or that the small person who visits often was there. Never mind that I had plenty of food. Suzanne wasn’t there to give me extra treats. Or scratch my head. Or walk me.

She gave me a new toy. Hrrmpf! I don’t need guilt-offerings. I like new toys. But I need my human.

Mostly, I was a scared dog.

My last human left me. That time there was suitcase packing for him. There was a car ride for me. I didn’t get to go home that time. It was scary to think that could happen again.

This is my new home. It has taken me a while to adjust and I like it here now.

So when Suzanne packed a suitcase for herself, I wasn’t happy. She kept saying she was “coming back,” and her voice sounded reassuring. But I was still worried.

A Car Ride

Later that day, she put me in the car and we went for a ride. I like to ride in the car. I like going places. But this time I was a scared dog. I sat up straight and paid attention the whole time.  I wanted to know how to get find my way back home if I was left behind.

We ended up at one of my favorite parks and we had a nice long walk. Suzanne stayed with me. We went back home together. But the suitcase was still there.

She left me!!

She hugged me before she left and said she loved me. My last human did that too. I didn’t want her to go. But she left anyway. She said she was “coming back.”   

She was gone forever!!!  I was a scared dog the whole time. She said it was only a few days. But a dog’s calendar is different. Still, she came back. We are together. I’m feeling better about life now.

I hope she doesn’t do this again. I don’t want to be a scared dog. I think I need my own suitcase and then I will go with her. Besides, someone really should watch her.

Suzanne's note:

Sandy’s former owner was terminally ill and could not care for her anymore. I’m sure it broke his heart to give her away.

I sent him photos of her in as she settled in, playing in the yard, being a happy dog. Unfortunately there was no way to communicate this to Sandy, so she never understood the gift he had given her: the gift of a good family.

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