Sandy's Corner

As a beagle-lab mix Sandy is the authority (in my house, at least) on the world from a canine point of view. Her values skew a bit more toward rest and treats than mine. (Perhaps I need to reconsider my priorities.)

I’ll keep reading to see what I can learn!

Sandy is a Beagle Labrador mix.

A Beagador.

Adorable. Sociable. Sweet.

An incurable moocher of snacks.

Manipulative with a gift for looking innocent.

Sandy explains how to

make good choices

and what happens when you don't!

Arya and Sandy help one another.

Their humans call it sharing bad habits.

Sandy muses on her 

unexpected transition

from one family to another.

Learn the magic of the

real Sandy's Corner.

A guest post

from Sandy's predecessor Huff:

Suzanne's reading habits.

Sandy's thoughts on ikigai 

how to find your purpose in life.

How this herding dog spoiled her human.

And what Sandy is doing to re-train her human.

Sandy explains how difficult it is to walk her human. 

This human has many bad habits and odd quirks. 

Her human's vacation ignites old fears for Sandy. 

Sandy says farewell to Bella.

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