Resting Beagle Face

I came across a resting beagle face meme. It wasn't a sleeping beagle. It was a begging-for-food beagle. Yes, perfect.

Sandy, like most beagles is all about food. Beagles never rest when it comes to food.

Sandy in her corner spot

in the kitchen

on the magic mat where treats often appear.

Even asleep, she hears things my other dogs didn’t. Sure they all hear the opening of a kitchen package (any package- it might be food!) Sometimes, it is for her – a new dog food bag, a new sort of treat, something not intended to be a treat that I dropped.

But she also notices the other dogs coming inside – perhaps they will get a treat!

And the clink of silverware against a dinner plate. I can count on her to come running with the third clink. Her head comes up at the first, but before she uncurls from her nap, she waits for confirmation of the sound.

Yes!!  I’m cutting up my morning banana. And there is my loyal dog by my side eager to spend quality time with my food – I mean with me. Resting beagle face, indeed.

This is Sandy's

Resting Beagle Face

One of her favorite snacks is toasted o’s  cereal.  

I know they are empty calories so we don’t do it often, but I like that they are low in calories compared to many dog food snacks.

She likes the hunt of hoovering them. The thrill of finding that one that made it into the corner of the kitchen cabinets trying to elude her.

It's a game. It's a challenge. There are treats! What could be better?

Beagle Super Power

While border collies may know a wider range of words, Sandy is laser focused on food.  She knows dinner, lunch, and breakfast, as well as snack, treat, food. Then are specific foods; Milk bone, banana, avocado.

Even though she is a social butterfly, she will always prioritize food. She was enjoying the attention of a favorite neighbor who needed to leave for work but got sucked in by Sandy’s wagging tail and general enthusiasm. Finally, I broke it up by saying “It’s time for breakfast.” Sandy abandoned her friend immediately and headed for home. Priorities.

Oddly she “struggles” with new commands  - unless there is a food reward for learning it.  Once she had learned the new words, her memory is faulty unless reinforced from time to time with treats.

I guess it's all about your motivation

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