Real Sandy's Corner

I’m Sandy and this is my corner. A real one, not the internet kind.

The Real Magic

My corner is an awesome place because it is the only place in the kitchen where a dog can get a treat.

I know. I have tried.

I sniffed near the counter where there was food.  All I got was “No!”

If you’re thinking, ‘Sandy, put your paws on the counter! You can reach!’ I already tried that.

It was the first thing I did when I came into Suzanne’s house. Apparently she forgot that it is rude to yell at a guest. She is really serious about ‘no paws on the counter’ so I haven’t done it since.

Suzanne opened the refrigerator, so I stuck my head in to find myself a treat. “No!”

Then the food cupboard was left open. Not my fault she walked away – all the way across the kitchen - and left the door open. I thought I might find a treat there. “No!” and no treat.

Suzanne was cooking so I figured I would get under foot to see if I could help a treat drop from the counter. Suzanne is really cranky when she is cooking.

I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to be able to get a treat in this house.

Strange Human Behavior

She got a mat for me to sit on. It is more comfy than the tile floor so I like it. She put the mat in the corner of the kitchen and I sat there.

Magic happened!

Suzanne brought me a treat – delivered it!! I didn’t have to beg for it or find for it myself. I sit there on my mat in the corner. And treats appear!

She even tells me how good I am when I do that. Really? I sit and wait for food to appear. How hard is that? This human really is a strange one.

Now when Suzanne is cooking, I sit on my mat in the corner and she isn’t so cranky. I know the treats will appear.

Sometimes all I get is pets and told I am good girl. It is sort of a treat. I like the attention and often enough there is a food treat.

I can tell you – in that kitchen, if you aren’t on the mat in the magic corner, you aren’t getting a treat.

You know where to find me. 

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