Old Dog Favorites

Huff shares his Old Dog Favorites, the special things that bring him joy.

Ice Cubes in my Water

I like ice cubes - a lot of them - in my water.

It took my human a while to figure it out, but I was patient. I would immediately drink the side with ice cubes and ignore the side without ice, until she figured it out. Now she knows to put ice in both sides of my water dish. 

For a human, she is pretty smart.


Do I even have to explain? Napping is a classic old dog favorite!

I especially love being on the porch with the breeze blowing and the gate closed.

I know no other dogs can reach me here and I know my human is watching out for me.

Walks with my Human 

I love walks with my human. The best ones are early in the morning when no one else is out. Especially when she isn’t in a hurry to rush off to the job. We take our time. Old dog favorites are usually quiet and peaceful.

I sniff all the things that happened overnight.

In the spring, I eat the first shoots of Bermuda grass. That's a favorite thing too. It is tender, easy to chew. Perfect. I don’t even mind having to hunt through the crabgrass and weeds to find them. At my age, that is the only hunting I am likely to do with any success.

The Arboretum 

We have tried other parks. But I don't like them. There are too many dogs, and people running, bicycles whizzing past. Those things scare me.

At the Arboretum, I am usually the only dog. There are no bicycles or skateboards. But there are kids. Young ones. My favorite.

The grass is soft and the open space gives me a wide view. I can see what is coming. My human sits behind me, so I know she has that side covered.

Eggs for Breakfast

I love scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Except for that one day when she put dog food in it. She thinks I don’t eat enough. She worries I am too skinny. I know she means well, but really - dog food in my eggs? Aunt Terry would be appalled.

Top of the Old Dog Favorites List

At the top of my old dog favorites is quiet time with my human. She finally stops all her busy and sits down on the floor by me.

I snuggle in and she strokes my fur. I think she forgets sometimes that she is all I have.

She might be hard to understand sometimes but that’s okay. We make a good pack.

Even if she put dog food in my eggs.

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