Life Lessons

My pet dogs have taught me many things over the years. Whether mutt or purebred, rescue dog or home grown, each one had a message for me.

Some were mine for years. One lived only one day. But I learned from each and I share those life lessons.  From  this page, you can find links to each dog’s story.


What My Dogs Taught Me

The story of a girl (that's me) and the dog she didn't choose, a poodle.

My first dog as an adult becomes a history lesson. 

Math for dog lovers: Or why you shouldn't invite me to your party.

Fake Service Dogs: why you shouldn't fake it. 

in Memoriam

A lot of life lessons from this guy, but I haven't processed them all yet.

More to come when I sort this out. 

Beagle Thinking:

Living with a beagle has been an eye opener for me.

Beagles see the world in their own way. Quite unlike my other dogs. 

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