My Life with Dogs

Most of my adult life, I have lived with a dog. Or dogs. Sometimes cats. Also ferrets, turtles, fish, canaries, and one incredibly long-lived (29 years!) newt. Who still lives with me. Seriously.

R.I.P. May 2023

Godspeed Mr. Newt. You had a good long run. The house isn't the same without the sound of your bubbling tank. I miss you running to the glass everyone time someone passed by - in case it was dinner time!  


Of all my pets, I have always felt most connected to the dogs. My dogs were as protective of my children as I was so that was certainly a bonding point.

Unlike the ferrets, the dogs never hid my shoes behind the couch.

Life with dogs is more interactive than the fish or the turtles. On the other hand, I would never trust certain of my dogs (looking at you Sandy) to guard my sandwich. The turtle I would trust. Because he even if he managed to reach it, I could probably catch him before he ate it all.

The dogs were always interested in taking a walk with me and they never blabbed a secret I told them. To be fair, neither did the ferrets.

Omens, Signs, & Portents

Looking back, this site seems almost inevitable.  I wanted a life with dogs and with words.

The idea of writing about spiritual wisdom and dogs is the sort of thing I was born to do. Let me explain:

I was born in the year of the Dog.

I was baptized in the church of St Francis de Sales, the Catholic patron saint of writers.

St Francis de Sales was Bishop of Geneva during the protestant reformation. He opted for dialogue instead of diatribe. He wrote for the common person, emphasizing love and charity.  He shared ideas instead of spreading hate. Well that seems like a good idea.

In case you are confused:

Saint Who? 

You might be asking yourself “wasn’t St Francis the animal guy?” Common mistake. 

St Francis of Assisi was the animal guy. St Francis de Sales was too busy writing and being bishop to stand around in the backyard holding a bird feeder. (No disrespect to of Assisi, but I wasn’t baptized in his church.)

Life with Dogs - Reading and Thinking

All my life, I have been told that I think too much and I read too much.

Mostly by people who in my opinion don’t do enough of either.

Dogs are tolerant of both thinking and reading. As long as the meals are on time and the treats are generous, a dog will keep you company while you think or read. Some, like Huff,  might have an opinion on the merits of  eBooks vs paper books.

Since you have found your way here, I am guessing you love dogs and maybe hope for wisdom. I can offer dogs and a laugh and some stuff to think about. The wisdom you find for yourself. After all, I don’t want you to kill me on the road.

You can contact me using the form below. Let me know what you think of the site. Tell me what else you would like to see here. And thanks for taking the time to reach out.

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