Karma Dog

A Lesson in Wisdom

This Karma Dog's name is Uriah. He used his dog wisdom to solve a problem and set a troublemaker on a better path.  

When you look at this cute dog picture, you probably see a sweet dog playing with its small human. That’s what I see too.

This is Uriah. He was a loving husky-shepherd mix who played with his humans and loved to relax on the porch.

But one neighborhood kid saw him as a target for rock throwing. No matter how many times the boy was told, no matter how many complaints I made to his parents, Rock Boy would not stop.

If the Uriah was outside and no one was watching, the rocks would fly. The dog would bark and I would run outside, yelling at the kid who was already running away.

Until one day . . .

Uriah slipped out the door and bolted out of the yard. 

It was midday and the neighborhood was full of kids running and playing, including Rock Boy. Several adults were standing around, talking and keeping an eye on the younger kids.

But Uriah wasn’t interested in any of them. He went straight for Rock Boy.

Rock Boy couldn’t run as fast as the dog.

Neither could I.

Karma Dog on the Loose

By the time I got there, Rock Boy was sitting on the ground with Uriah’s mouth around his leg.

Oh no. 


Rock Boy wasn’t yelling or crying.

Uriah wasn’t snarling or growling.

It was a standoff.

Karma Dog Teaches

I watched as Rock Boy pulled his leg out of the dog’s mouth.  Uriah didn’t let go, but he didn’t clamp down either. 

There was not a single mark on the boy’s leg!

I started to breathe again.

"He didn’t bite me," said Rock Boy in amazement. He repeated this news to his mother when she arrived a few minutes later.

Much drama ensued with Rock Boy’s parents.

But Uriah had witnesses. The adults were happy to take Uriah’s side. (Apparently Rock Boy had a reputation beyond my personal experience with him.)

But most important, there was no bite to report. No marks, no punctures, not a single scrape. So they stomped off and vowed to keep their kid away from my horrible dog.

Thank you.

Better Than Me

I admire Uriah’s restraint. It could have ended badly, for him and the child. Uriah might have been justified, but he would have been labeled dangerous nonetheless.

I don’t know if I would have been so controlled with a chance for revenge handed to me like that. Getting even is really tempting, especially for humans.

Instead, Uriah made his point:

I could hurt you, but I won’t.

So don’t hurt me.

Lessons Learned

Lesson 1

Your time will come. Uriah was patient and waited. Revenge was offered to him in due course.

Lesson 2

Revenge might not be worth it.  Making a point might be more valuable. It certainly earned Uriah the respect of my neighbors. Well, except for Rock Boy’s parents.

Lesson 3

Don’t miss your opportunity when it comes. Uriah didn’t escape often, but he used this chance to the fullest.

Lesson 4

When karma has you in its grasp, listen. If you get a chance to change your ways, don’t miss that either!


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