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Dec 01, 2022

Dog Emotions: How Sandy Communicates

dog_emotions How Sandy - and maybe your dog too - communicates

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Nov 02, 2022

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Maybe you will find your new best friend here!

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Nov 01, 2022

The curious case of the laughing dog.

When I was a child I had a puppy born on this very day over 30 years ago. I had this puppy from the day he was born. He was the runt of the litter from

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Oct 24, 2022

Wisdom of Dogs tagline

Wisdom of Dogs tagline has wisdom of its own

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Sep 09, 2022

Pet Peeves about Dog Owners

pet peeves about dog owners: 5 things I really hate that (some) dog owners do

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