Wisdom of Dogs

Here's what been on my mind lately.

Aloof Dog

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Aloof dog. Sandy isn't the cuddly affectionate sort of dog.

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International Dog Month

Happy International Dog Month! I bet you thought I forgot. Nope, not me. Okay, maybe...May you and your pup enjoy extra snuggles today! Here's a great site to help us all keep track of important pet holidays.

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I have trained dogs all my life. Starting in 4-H and moving along to becoming a 4-H dog obedience instructor, then on to training dogs owned by friends.

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Hiking with Your Dog

I love dogs but I don't believe my dog should be allowed to do whatever she pleases. This is a nice recap of hiking with your dog etiquette.

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4 year anniversay

My phone reminded me that today marks 4 years since Sandy and I met. We never expected to be a family, but here we are. Here's to celebrating all the found families out there.

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