The Huff Diaries

The Huff Diaries are back by popular demand.

A senior rescue dog


his senior rescue human

We had seventeen months together. Not a lot of time. Yet it was all the time we needed. We cared for each other. We saved each other.

Most of the stories you’ll find here are from Huff’s point of view. After all, he’s the one you really want to hear from. 😊

Suzanne's Turn

Despite the short time we had together, this handsome old fella had a big impact on me. Perhaps it was the timing.

He came into my life when it seemed everyone else was leaving my life. He helped me deal with feelings of loss. He eased my self-recrimination over my failures. He showed me that my perceived lack of compassion was in fact self-compassion.

He made me laugh. He made me cry. He was exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it. I truly believe that when the human is ready the dog will appear.

So here are links to some of my favorite Huff stories. I hope you enjoy them.

Old Dog Favorites

Huff shares some of his favorite things.

 Huff is not a beach dog.

This page stars Sandy, my beach-loving dog. But Huff gets an honorable mention. 

Life had dealt nasty blows to Huff. 

But he was wise.

He practiced acceptance.

And he was set free! 

Old Dog Rescued!

Huff becomes a new dog. 

Here he shares his opinion of visiting the dentist. 

 The Pot Pie Incident

A story of two perspectives.

I said.

He said.

Neither of us are wrong. 

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