Found Family

I am a believer in the importance of found family. Whatever circumstance you are born into, you have the right to become a part of something bigger, something that embraces and frees you at the same time.

Family, Story, Community

If your birth circumstances were perfect for you – hooray! But don’t let that stop you from welcoming those who might not have had that same experience. Or those whose families are no longer with them. Expand your circle to include found family.

This page will lead you to stories of families lost and found. Packs disbanded and reformed.  Stories that were lies. And the new stories that grew from the decay of those lies.

Everyone deserves to be a part of a community of like-minded beings. Not identical to you, but identifiable as yours. Not perfect, but perfect for you. Your pack. Your tribe.

Family: the story you are born into.

Community: the story you create.

Journey onward, seekers of wisdom and you will find your people and your place.

Take your dog with you – dogs are excellent guides.

Found Family - stories from my guides:

Sandy has a super-power. 

She is truly gifted at making friends. I admit to being a bit jealous.

It all starts with a walk.

Double Dog Dinner

This is what happens when you are a family of helpers, without a schedule. 


The importance of math when choosing a dog.

and saying goodbye


When he left his mom and litter mates, he found a family. A short belonging with a  big impact.


An unexpected transition from one family to another

One of my best life decisions: adopting this handsome guy, a senior rescue dog. 

Our household grows and all too quickly shrinks.

Sandy explains about welcoming in and saying good-bye.

Tala & Olie

What its like to live with herding dogs. 

 Five things I hate

My pet peeves about dog owners.

(Because it's not the dog's fault.)

When the human is ready, the dog will appear.

Thoughts on this site's tagline.


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