Five signs you are a dog lover

Did you ever wonder how to tell if you are a dog lover?

Of course you didn’t.

But I did.

So here are five signs you are a dog lover:

Your phone

Sandy dog loved

Your phone screensaver image is your dog.

You get a pass if you have grandchildren.

You get bonus points if the image is your dog with your grandchildren.

Your car

You have a bag or box of treats in your car.

You probably also have extra towels and poop bags, a water bowl, possibly a spare leash.

Sandy dog car ride

Your coat pockets

Sandy dog walking

Every time you reach into one of your coat pockets, you find an extra just-in-case better-to-have-than-not poop bag.

If you are a dog owner and this is not the case, please see my pet peeves about dog owners rant.

Your clothing

You have dog hair on your clothes and pretty much all of your possessions.

Most likely you keep a lint roller in your car, by the front door, in the bathroom, your closet . . .

Sandy dog on a couch

Delivery drivers

Sandy protecting the chewy box

Your dog loves delivery drivers.

After all, they bring pizza, the chewy box and bark box and because he might be a new friend.

(This might only be Sandy.)


Bonus: You can’t walk through your house in the dark without stepping on a squeaky toy.

Don’t be angry, your dog has deliberately set this up as an intruder warning system.

Sandy hoards toys

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