Fake Service Dogs

Suzanne's Rant

Fake service dogs cause real problems for people with disabilities. Here's why you shouldn't try to pass off your pooch as something she isn't! 

I know you love your dog. And your dog loves you. I know you both feel better when you are together. But the world is not all about you.

Every time you try to pass off your loveable pup as a service dog you make it harder for a special needs kid to take his dog into a store. You make it harder for people who can’t see or who have seizures to be out in the world with their dog. Because your lie has made people suspicious of all dogs.

I love my dog.

Sandy is sweet loveable and wouldn’t hurt anyone. In fact most people find her delightful. 

I miss her when I go somewhere she isn't allowed. And she misses me.

But she is not a service dog and I would never try to pass her off as one.

No fake service dogs! 

Your dog is pulling on its leash. It is sniffing the grocery store shelves and nosing at other people in the restaurant. It is barking, growling, or pacing. 

This is not a service dog. You are lying and we all know it.

Trying to pass off your untrained dog as a service dog is a slap in the face to every loyal service dog and the human who cares for that dog. That person is trying to make the most of the world within their limitations. Your lie is making their life harder. 

The Real Deal

I have seen an emotional support dog at work and it was beautiful. The traumatized veteran was protected by her beautiful golden lab and the dog's work was so subtle, few people noticed it.

I have seen a service dog assist their human with walking. I was unaware that the dog was even there, until it was time for the human to leave the restaurant. Her gait was unsteady, but the dog gave her the support she needed. It brought tears to my eyes.

In both cases, the dog was unobtrusive and perfectly well behaved. The dog did its job and never interacted with anyone other than its owner. That is what a real service dog does! 

Don’t ruin the good that dogs can do for the people who need them most by lying about your dog.  

I will say it again (in case you missed the lesson in kindergarten): the world is not all about you!

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