Dog Treat Dispenser Debacle

A dog treat dispenser seems like a good idea. I highly approve anything that instantly gives me food.

But when Suzanne forgets that she is not crafty and not everything on the internet works as well IRL, then you have a debacle.

Here's what happened:

wisdomofdogs Sandy treats

Apparently Suzanne found a "cool craft" online that was also a dog treat dispenser. A fun toy to exercise my brain and my body .

Or so she thought.

It took time. First she had to empty out two milk cartons. Wash them out really, really good and make sure they were really, really dry.

Then she poked a bunch of holes in them and put treats inside. The idea is as the cartons roll, the treats fall out the holes. Great idea. Except. . . 

The holes weren't big enough.

So she made the holes bigger. Still not big enough.

Let me say these were tiny treats: kibble size treats.

All of this could have been avoided if she simply gave me the treats! 

wisdom of dogs treat dispenser.

Persistence is not always a  virtue

But she persisted.

She made the holes even bigger. I watched her roll them around and test it out. I waited patiently for my turn to have some treats.

Finally, she was satisfied.

Then she left them there on the counter, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I am not good at waiting. But I did because I know the rules.

Dog Treat Dispenser Playtime

Finally, she decides Arya and I need a fun activity/treat.

She gave each of us one of these inventions: these so-called treat dispensers. She rolled it on the floor to show us how it worked. I grabbed my treat as soon as it fell out. Arya did the same. 

wisdom of dogs treat dispenser.
wisdom of dogs treat dispenser.
wisdom of dogs treat dispenser.


We're smart. We knew how it worked.

But it is hard to roll something that is square. I guess she didn't think about that.

Also it takes a lot of luck to roll the thing exactly right so the treat falls out. Ayra and I were both very frustrated.

We tried different things.

I tried smacking it with my paw.

I tried nudging it with my nose.

Arya is bigger than me, so she took the direct route and chomped down on it. She managed to crush it but not break it.

We were not happy.

wisdom of dogs treat dispenser.
wisdom of dogs treat dispenser.

I figure it out!

I gave up all of this rolling and nudging and pawing nonsense. I sat politely and stared at it. This is how I get treats.

I sit politely while the humans eat and they save me a bite.

I sit politely on my mat and wait while Suzanne cooks and I get treats.

So I figured it would work for this too. I sat politely and waited. And waited. 

A dog treat dispenser does not care how cute I am.

Or how patiently I wait. 

Fortunately, Suzanne does.

wisdom of dogs treat dispenser.

She took a bunch of pictures. She laughed at me and she laughed at Arya.

Then she realized what a bad idea this was and gave us our treats. It was a lot of effort to give us a handful of treats. 

I hope she has learned a lesson: 

She is not crafty. She should leave toy design to the experts.

Sandy in her corner

What I learned:

Humans make the best dog treat dispensers of all.

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