Cute Dog Pictures

A gallery of cute dog pictures. My dog pictures. So I might be biased.

I’ve been told some of you come here to look at the pictures rather than read my words of wisdom.  Really? Okay then.

For those of you, in chronological order, I give you my cute dog pictures.

Cute Dog Pictures:
A Family Gallery


A family pet when I was in grade school. She was the inspiration behind my early poetry endeavors.

He was a part of my family for a short time, but he taught me so much.

Sorry, no pictures of this guy.



The Karma Dog, a Shepard-Huskie mix who joined our family shortly after Eli died. He loved us all, except maybe the cats. (You can learn more about them near the end of this page.) 

Ashes, Kiera, Thunder

A family of Keeshonden: Ashes (Papa), Kiera (Mama),Thunder (baby). Yes, the baby grew to be the biggest of them.

If you are not familiar with the breed, you can learn more about them here. 

The whole family above - Thunder, Kiera, and Ashes

Baby Kiera and adult Ashes playing tug.

It was amazing how gentle he was! 

Tala & Olie

Australian Cattle Dog-Collie mix. These spunky sisters were nearly wild when I got them but mellowed - a bit - over the years. Even as they aged, they were always up for a bit of shenanigans, especially if it served to keep the humans in their place.


This guy was too handsome for words. A Border Collie-Australian Shepard mix. Smart and loving.

He had been abused by his former owner. But as rescued dogs do, he was incredibly loyal to me. His last years were spent with me and I can honestly say he gave more than he took. He touched my heart in ways I have yet to sort out fully.


She was the rescue who didn’t know she was a rescue. She is sassy and friendly, not to mention extremely photogenic. Here are a few of my favorites.

Bonus: Cute Cat Pictures

Again I am biased.

Below are just a couple of my feline fur babies.

They brought joy to my life. Sometimes they brought dead things to my doorstep. 

I loved these furballs, too. But my allergies have spoken: dogs only!


She ignored Uriah.

He ignored her.

It worked.



Besties with Ashes, the Keeshond Papa.

He was a very sad pup when she died.


And the non-furbearers:

Ziggy on the left.

Below: one ridiculously long-lived newt. 

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