2021 Mindfulness

Mindfulness for Dog Lovers book cover blue

It's a book now! 

In case you missed my newsletters from 2021, I have compiled my journey seeking mindfulness into a book. 

You can find it at your favorite online store here. 

My Theme for the 2021

Each year my newsletter has a theme based on whatever area of spiritual growth I have chosen to work on that year.

2021 Mindfulness

I tend to get distracted.


Wondering if I have ADD.

Stopping to Google the symptoms.

Looking at funny dog videos instead.

Then pet my dog.

Get her a treat.

Now what was I doing? 

Maybe I need a snack. . .

Wisdom of Sandy

Sandy does not have this problem.

When she wants to hoard the toys, she is focused.

She is willing to spend all day surreptitiously hiding one toy at a time, while the other dogs are distracted.  

And viola! Sandy has all the toys. 

Sandy is My Role Model

I don't want to hoard toys, but I would like to feel calmer, more in control. I want my energy and focus back. 

I sometimes spiral into fear about the future. “What if? What if? What if?”

Other times, I sink into anger about the past. “Why did he do that?” “What was she thinking?”

Sucking away my creative energy.

2021 Mindfulness - I need you now more than ever. 

I can be mindful, can't I?

I have a plan - ish. 

I have about five ideas - yoga, meditation. Okay I have two ideas.

But I’m sure I will come up with something.

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