Inspiration and Entertainment
Dog Lovers

This site started, as so many things in my life start, with a  dog.

As a dog lover, my pets have always been a source of inspiration and entertainment. Sandy is no exception.

Sandy was a rescue who didn’t know she was a rescue. She will probably have her own story to tell on this site, because I am crazy person who likes to imagine what her dogs are thinking. 

Sandy dog car ride

Sandy is a Beagle Labrador mix.

A Beagador.

Adorable. Sociable. Sweet.

An incurable moocher of snacks. 

An expert at looking innocent.

Sandy is a sociable dog, eager for crowds: kids, dogs, grownups – every one, all at once. A party girl.

So naturally she came into my life at a time when I was withdrawing, forgoing public spaces for solitary evenings at home in the company of a good book. (This was before the covid quaran-times, before such behavior became the norm.) 

Sandy quickly put an end to my quiet solitude as her energy needed to go somewhere. Mostly we took it to the local parks. With a social butterfly of a dog at my side, our walks become a meet-and-greet. Suddenly I was talking to people and *gasp* enjoying it.

Dogs, Rabbit Holes, and Wisdom

I realized that Sandy had shown up exactly when I needed her, pulling me out of my shell.  That led to my thinking about Sandy’s predecessor, Huff, who had also shown up exactly when I needed him.

And that led to thinking about all my dogs over the years. About the things they had taught me. Each one of them had, in some way, been a source of both inspiration and entertainment. Each dog brought its own wisdom to my life.

But  I couldn’t be satisfied with thinking “oh that’s cool” and move on.

No, no, no.

I slid down the rabbit hole.

More accurately, I plunged head first down the rabbit hole.  By the way, Sandy loves to chase rabbits, so she is totally on board with this. 

Your Dog as Spiritual Teacher

 Each of my dogs had come into my life for a purpose, with a “valuable lesson” I needed to learn. Perhaps my dogs had been my teachers, my spiritual teachers. Yes friends, the rabbit hole is that deep.

Your family pet may in fact be your spiritual teacher.

Then COVID-19 showed up ushering in the quaran-times and I had way more time to explore spiritual rabbit holes. 

So here I am: creating a website for wisdom seekers who love dogs. And a good laugh. Because loving a dog will make you laugh and maybe cry. But definitely laugh. 

We might learn something together. We might not. But at least, it’s a fun distraction.

 © Copyright Suzanne Grosser